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Drop shipping info

McGowan & Rutherford Ltd receive constant enquiries about offering a dropshipping service. Due to the logistics of running a dropshipping service we have always declined. Simply put, in order to offer our items, at the most competitive prices, we must use minimum order values for all delivered goods.
We appreciate that this inconveniences many customers.

Due to numerous incidents with incorrect collections, arriving with no bookings, or with no contact for goods to be collected, we no longer allow customers to arrange collections by standard parcel couriers (Parcelforce, TNT, DHL, Citylink etc)

We are pleased to be able to recommend a company, who will collect from us weekly, and deliver to you, or an address of your choosing. They are:

BH Transport

01280 821240

07850 480194

Please note that this service is not being operated by McGowan & Rutherford Ltd and so any queries in regard to an order, damages or returns must be made with BH Transport. This service is only available to customers already registered with McGowan & Rutherford Ltd, who have completed 3 satisfactory transactions meeting our delivery minimums.